Can recipients ever claim child support?

In its simplest form, an embryo donation agreement establishes embryo ownership and parentage.  The embryo donor relinquishes any rights or responsibilities to any children born via the donated embryos and recipients accept ALL parental rights and responsibilities.  These parental responsibilities include, but are not limited to, child support, medical care, and guardianship.

Why do I need a legal agreement? What is it for?

Embryo donation falls under quasi property law with a significant family law component. The legal agreement is the official document that actually transfers all parental rights and responsibilities from the donor to the recipient. Beyond that, the agreement works out intentions between the parties regarding the donation.  It is beneficial for both parties! Key elements […]

Embryo Donation vs Traditional Adoption – Similar, Yet Vastly Different

Embryo donation and traditional adoption are two distinct processes with unique considerations for the offspring, parents, and the individuals involved. Let’s walk through each aspect: Fundamentals: Embryo Donation: In embryo donation, the offspring is conceived through a frozen embryo transfer using donated embryos.  Embryos are donated via contract law. Offspring carry the genetics of the […]