Embryo Donation vs. Embryo Adoption: What’s the difference?

Different organizations use different words… is there really a difference between embryo donation and embryo adoption?? Embryo donation refers to the act of individuals or couples who have created embryos through in vitro fertilization (IVF) but no longer desire them for their own reproductive purposes, choosing to donate those embryos to another person or couple. […]

Finding the Perfect Embryo Donor: What do Intended Parents Seek?

The Top 8 Criteria Potential Donors Should Know About How Intended Parents Select Donors Embryo donation offers Intended Parents a sense of control in their path to parenthood, and they value the opportunity to select donors that are a good fit for them and their future family.  Every Intended Parent is different, so there is […]

As an Intended Parent, what should I consider for matching with a donor?

When considering a potential donor family, many start with the goal to increasing probability for success, followed by fit with their family, which can take many forms. We’ll review a few of those considerations here: Embryo quality: Learn and understand the embryos available for donation, by freeze day, expansion level, and grade, as well as […]

Embryo Donation vs Traditional Adoption – Similar, Yet Vastly Different

Embryo donation and traditional adoption are two distinct processes with unique considerations for the offspring, parents, and the individuals involved. Let’s walk through each aspect: Fundamentals: Embryo Donation: In embryo donation, the offspring is conceived through a frozen embryo transfer using donated embryos.  Embryos are donated via contract law. Offspring carry the genetics of the […]

I don’t know anyone who’s done embryo donation.  What do I need to know?

Does embryo donation feel like a totally new concept to you? You’re not alone. While this option made up 63% of all embryo transfer cycles in 2020, it is discussed much less frequently than IVF cycles or cycles using donor eggs or donor sperm.  Yet, donor embryo cycles are becoming a popular choice for many […]