What does a physician consider when accepting donated embryos?

When Reproductive Endocrinologists (REIs) consider accepting donated embryos for intended parents, they consider embryo grades, along with many other important factors to maximize likelihood for a successful, healthy pregnancy and birth: Embryo Quality: Embryo grading is one of the primary considerations, REIs and embryologists assess the embryos based on their developmental stage, cell number, fragmentation, […]

Do my embryos qualify for donation?

Generally, YES! Most embryos qualify to donate to another family trying to conceive. A program that does not accept your embryos is simply abiding by the restrictions of their specific donation method.  Understanding these different methods can help you determine the right path for your donation. If you are wondering if your embryos qualify for […]

Decoding embryo grading, and why it matters

Decoding Embryo Grading… and Why it Matters    4AA, 3BA, 6BC…what does it all mean? While embryo grading can feel like deciphering a secret code, it is actually a relatively simple system to learn. When you understand the code, you’ll have a better grasp of the quality of embryos you are either donating or receiving.  […]